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how to hula hoop for beginners?

What to pay attention to before hula hooping?

  1. Wear a tight-fitting shirt and pants so it’ll be easier to hula hoop and so the hoop won’t get caught on any loose clothing.
  2. Avoid wearing any bracelets or any dangling jewelry that can get caught in the hula hoop.
  3. Avoid doing this workout shortly after eating or after eating too much
  4. Pregnant women, or in menstrual period is not recommended
  5. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to wear clothes that cover your abdomen. Prevent substances that come into direct contact with the skin that may cause irritation.
  6. The bruises and abdominal pain often seen by beginners will gradually disappear with theirimproved technique, so don’t worry too much. I fit is serious, we suggest taking a rest or wear a waist protector.

Follow tips below

  1. How you hula hoop around the waist involves using the right hoop size. Hula hoop size is the key to being successful at hula hooping. Bigger hula hoops are easier to use for beginners, along with heavier hoops as well.Hulahopes 9-segment weighted hoop with 97cm diameter will be the perfect choice for beginners.
  2. Bring the hula hoop up to your waist level and grip the hoop firmly with two hands. 
  3. Spin the hoop. If you’re a righty, firmly spin the hoop counter-clockwise. If you’re a lefty, spin it clockwise
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