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How to choose a hula hoop?

hula hoop

First of all, we make suggestions from the perspective of use.

1. For beginners

There are many different types of hoops on the market today, ranging from thin to thick , light to heavy, small to large etc. If you want to lose weight, please remember that it is not heavier and better. Heavy hoop is not suitable for long-term rotation and is not conducive to physical coordination. Turing a heavy hoop for a long time will burden the internal organs and muscles. However, short-term strenuous exercise belongs to anaerobic exercise, which will only cause muscle soreness, and will not consume excess calories. On the contrary, it should not be too light either, because it will be very hard to turn.

For beginners, We recommend choosing聽a heavier and larger hoop.聽Because when a hoop is large and heavy, the speed required to keep the it from falling is relatively low, and you have more time to adapt to it.

For example, Hulahopes enlarged 9-segment weighted hoop, with an outer diameter of 97cm, an inner diameter of 91cm, and an adjustable weight of 1kg~3.2kg, which is perfect for a beginner.

2. Weight adjustable

In addition, we recommend choosing a weight adjustable hoop,whichcan be widely used by other family members. For people with a standard weight, we suggest using it directly without additional weight; for people with slight fatness, we suggest increasing聽the weight to 1.5kg; for obese people, we suggest increasing聽the weight to 2kg to help speed up the calorie consumption.聽Hulahope hoops are weight adjustable from 800g to 3.2kg, which is a very wide range to cover most people.

hula hoop
3. Size adjustable

Adjustable size is a important factor you should consider, which can be used by people with different waist circumferences, suitable for both adults and children. For example, You can choose our聽75~95CM size adjustable hula hoop. There are total 8 detachable sections in the package. You can remove 1 or 2 sections to make it smaller. 6 sessions (75cm for children), 7 sessions (85cm) and 8 sessions (95cm full size).

4. Comparison with smart hoops

Recently, many smarthoops have appeared on the market. Smart hoops has a feature of no-fall, which is very friendly for beginners only want to lose weight. In a addition, it can record the number of laps, which is helpful to motivate yourself to make progress, and you can also find a lot of social fun by sharing photos.

It is undeniable that the smart hoops have its own advantages, but the fun of the traditional hoop is irreplaceable. You must keep turning the hoop regularly to keep it from falling off, which can urge yourself to keep turning to burn calories, and you can also practice your physical coordination. In addition, traditional hoops can also be used for dancing, yoga, etc. You can choose them according to your own preference. This is like the difference between an automatic gear car and a manual gear car. What you want is mechanical control or smart and comfortable?

5. Bumpy patterns

Bumpy pattern design is also important before buying. Hoops with smooth surface will be more comfortable, but hoopswith bumpy patterns聽can help quickly massage the muscles, stimulate fat burning, and double the weight loss effect. However ,you should pay attention to the details of bumpy patterns too. Because, if the bumpy range is too large, it may do harm to your skin and muscles and is not suitable for long-term workout. Hulahope聽adopts moderate range of bumps, and facilitate fat burning聽by adding more bumps. For example, its 8-segment hoop has up to聽112 bumpy patterns. This design can not only improve the fat burning efficiency, but also protect your

6. Detachable sections

Last but not least,You need to consider the carrying and storage after use. In such case, hoops聽can be disassembled聽easily will be your favorite. All Hulahop聽hoops are detachable, and with a shoulder bag, which can help save space and make it easy to carry. You can take it anywhere聽and do the workout at home, park, stadium or office.

hula hoop

Secondly, we make suggestions from the perspective of product quality.

The structure of hula hoopsis relatively simple, most of them consists of an inner tube,聽outer cushion layer聽and conjunction buckles.

1. Stainless inner tube

The inner tube is used to maintain the circular shape, so its toughness is very important. We suggest choosing a hoop with stainless steel tube, whose toughness far exceeds plastic tube. This kind of hoop won’t be deformed and let alone break. It is the best choice for weighted hoops, because the plastic tube cannot withstand the deformation and fracture caused by the additional weight.

2. Outer soft wrap

The outer soft wrap has an important cushioning effect on the impact on your body when it rotates quickly. Its material is closely related to the cushioning effect and durability. All Hulahopehoops鈥櫬爋uter layer are made of fiber foam, which has good tear resistance and shock-absorbing characteristics. It is more durable compared to the easily broken PVC material.

3. Conjunction buckle

The conjunction bucklesare very important for detachable hoop it is closely related to the integrity and stability of the hoop structure. Hulahope adopts stainless steel buckles, which can help lock the connection tightly without breaking. Some hoops use plastic buckles, which can greatly help reduce聽the manufacturing cost, but the toughness and durability of the hoops are also greatly reduced.

Hulahope focuses on the design of hula hoops and continuously optimize its hoops by collecting feedback from clients. We can proudly announce that Hulahope hoops are the most advanced weighted hoops in the world ! Welcome to visit Hulahope Store and choose the hoop you like.

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