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100€ bonus for losing weight challenge

Campaign Rules

Quantity of Bonuses: 5 (total 500€)

Deadline for submission: 2021.10.01

Deadline for campaign: 2021.10.05

Qualified Candidates: Buyers with a Hula hoop from Hulahope

Required Evidence: Photos before and after losing weight with our hula hoop inside (No need to show your face)

Who will win? 

# First round: All candidates submit their photos to before 2021.10.01 ,Hulahope team will review and select 10 candidates

# Second round: We will post photos of  these 10 candidates to Hulahope instagram page (@hulahopeoffical) on 2021.10.02 , the top 5 candidates with the most likes before deadline will win

How to receive bonus? We will inform the 5 winners by email and transfer the money by Paypal.

Submission: Please submit your evidence to email with order number as subject

* The final interpretation right of this campaign belongs to Hulahope


hula hoop

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